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"on behalf of (our) company, we thank (ATS) and all your team for an outstanding contribution in engineering resources"

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Advanced Tooling Specialists (ATS) was founded in 1993 by journeymen who had the desire to create specialized tooling.  ATS has grown significantly, surrounding itself with people that share the same desire.  ATS has recently expanded its facilities to 38,000 square feet.  Through this expansion, dedication and growth, ATS has refined its areas of expertise - engineering, die, thermoform tooling, contract machining, EDM, and specialty tooling, providing customers with the highest quality tooling services.

ATS in-house design capabilities, coupled with the latest solid modeling technology, allows design, build to print, rebuild and/or customize machines in short order.  Some of the components designed have been used in thermoform machines, form fill and seal machines, converting equipment, paper machinery, printing presses, jet engines, spun fibers, conveyors, robotic welding, and many others.

ATS is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our customers and employees.  Through craftsmanship and advanced technology, the ATS team of professionals have created an environment of total value.  ATS prides itself in a quality work environment that meets or exceeds customers needs and strives to be the premier tooling manufacturer.

ATS Facility

Built in 2006, our State of the Art 38,000 sq. ft. facility of manufacturing space allows us to house the machinery necessary to produce to the tooling demanded of us by our customers. Through the years, we have learned to blend the craftsmanship of skilled diemakers with the latest 3-D Cad design and high speed CNC machining. This combination assures our customers of receiving high quality, capable tooling while reducing lead times.

Equipment & Capabilities List

ATS is committed to keeping up with the demands of our customers, in order to do so we continue to upgrade our equipment to take advantage of what the newest and most efficient technological advancements make possible.

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