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"Our… program required the engineering & prototyping of (our part.) Our original supplier could not deliver. ATS, on very short notice, designed and built a working (part) in less than six weeks. This is a remarkable achievement especially considering that ATS had no prior knowledge of our system needs"

                - ATS Customer

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Engineering / Design

Our engineering staff coupled with the latest solid modeling software, offers you complete, accurate, and professional results.  Our staff, experienced in a wide variety of industries, provides the following services.

Project Management

Dedicated to the success of our customers projects, ATS provides complete critical chain manufacturing and time sensitive production control.  Complete documentation and task management are provided for our customers, to successfully deliver small and large projects on time, from concept to completion. 

Reverse Engineering Services

Don’t have documentation or prints for your product? ATS can reverse engineer or re-engineer your products, using state-of-art laser scanning measurement and modeling technologies. 


ATS is committed to utilizing the latest software and technology to handle our customers engineering and productions demands. We offer reduced lead times by managing all internal systems with fully integrated ERP software. Additionally, in order to provide the highest quality design services, our CAD and CAM departments are proficient in utilizing industry proven software.

Call 920.954.5800 or email us and we will be happy to discuss your Engineering & Design questions, needs, and requirements.