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"Advanced Tooling Specialists understands Thermoform tooling. They apply the correct amount of precision and quality to our project and Thermoform tools."

                - ATS Customer

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Thermoform Tooling

Certainly the most critical part of the thermoforming process is the tooling which is distinct to each part that is to be produced. From Prototype to Finish, Advanced Tooling Specialists builds superior tooling for the plastic forming industry.  High quality tooling is critical to the thermoforming process, because even the most sophisticated thermoforming machine is limited if the tooling is not equally sophisticated.  We provide that essential quality in both our thermoform plastic trim tooling and form tooling.

Form Tooling

- Blister Packs

- Clam Shells

- Food

- Medical

- Foam

- Trays


Trim Tooling

- Pre-Punch

- Match Metal

- Trim in Place


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