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"This (process) has allowed us to participate in high volume new business opportunities. ATS has been outstanding in supporting the many short notice changes and recuts from concept to final product"

                - ATS Customer

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Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) 

Our expert EDM staff by using modern CAD & CAM technology, provides our customers with a solution to their most demanding needs. Using state of the art Wire EDM Technology, allows us to manufacture the most intricate contours, shapes, and cavities needed to provide a complete start to finish tooling solution for our customers. Below is a list of our Wire EDM Capabilities.

EDM Capabilties

- Submersible with automatic threading

- X 14", Y 20", Z 17" 40sq/h

- .004" - .012"  Wire Thicknesses

- 11.9" Thick Capacity through Hardened Conductive Materials

- Surface Finishes 6-8 RMS

- Accuracy +/- .00015" 

- Off-line Programming Software (DXF, DWG, IGES, etc)

- Quick-turn on R & D Work, Production Runs 

- Wire to Print

- Custom Prototyping

Call 920.954.5800 or email us and we will be happy to discuss your Wire EDM questions, needs, and requirements.